It’s no secret that the current President of the United States is incredibly dumb. The misguided, uneducated way in which he runs this country is truly appalling. It’s easy to see that Donald Trump has NO clue what he’s doing. Which is all the more reason for Congress to step up and remove him, and his equally-inept administration from the White House. I mean, at the very least, the executives over at Twitter could ban his account. But, nope. For some strange reason, even though everyone is well-aware of his low I.Q. and dangerously over-emotional tendencies, we’re still allowing him to be the President. But why?!

Seriously, every single person thinks Donald Trump is a fool. Even the people you’d assume blindly love the guy. Like Fox News CEO Rupert Murdoch, for example. Many Americans would assume this billionaire has nothing but love for his rich confidant in office. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In an upcoming tell-all book that breaks down the ultimate corruption of the Trump administration, it’s been revealed that, after a phone call early on during his first year as POTUS, Murdoch referred to Donald Trump as a “f**king idiot.”

This conversation revealed to Murdoch just how little Donald knew…about EVERYTHING. Apparently, they never held a conversation longer than a few sentences before this now infamous phone call. And you can tell. Many people have that same reaction upon learning, first-hand, just how stupid Donald J. Trump is. I mean, we all remember his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson calling him a “f**king moron” after a meeting this summer, right?

It’s obvious that nobody around Trump even respects him. So why are they continuing to help him ruin this country? Why not become a hero and help us remove him from the White House? That’s what WE would do!